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One more crowned in IndianOil

New Delhi: Shri Arvind Kumar, MD & CEO Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd. has been selected as Director (Refineries) Indian Oil Corporation by PESB in an interview held on 10.04.2024.
NewsIP feels that now the race will start for the position of MD CPCL. Readers would be aware that CPCL is ultimately owned by IOCL. CPCL was involved in the infamous Oil leak in Chennai which it initially denied.
While the change of guards in the Corporate Sector is inevitable and welcome, it has surprised many that some CEOs have managed to cling on to the Chairman position much beyond their scheduled tenure while a Director(HR) was denied his span till his superannuation and was moved to a lower position. Strange are the ways of PSE leadership selection.
NewsIP has been championing the cause of CEO selection in PSEs through UPSC to avoid controversies and bias. One has to wait and see how things unfold since NewsIP firmly believes corruption has roots in selection of top leadership in PSEs.

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