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Is India Aviation Sector loosing the plot ?

NewsIP had reported sometime back that India Aviation Sector was faced with a huge turbulance. Exorbitant/ Predatory Prices for tickets, Regular delays, Unsafe Flying Conditions have become the order of the day. The powers to be – the Aviation Ministry and DGCA are content in making countless enquiries, setting up war rooms or “observing the situation”.
The invariable result is that the Indian Aviation consumer suffers. This is happening for long and ver regularly.With no organized consumer movement in India the Airlines Companies are defiant and arrogant. The recent assault on the hapless lot travellers has come today with massive cancellations in Air India Express. Reportedly, more than 90 Flights were cancelled.
There were times when a Minister would resign if things like what is happening in Airlines today were to take place. But times have changed. Today the consumers are left lamenting since even the satisfaction of cursing the government run Airlines is not available to them. All Airlines in India are today run by private companies. That’s the beauty of total privatization. It’s said that the Labour Authorities have also put the HR Management of the company in negative light. But it’s strange that barring platitudes nothing is being done despite the matter having been reportedly raised to the Minister himself.
Indian citizens should realise that they should look at the teeth of a horse gifted. They should realise that privatisation has its own ills. Despite the many platitudes on privatization.
The other sectors which are being run successfully run by government companies should not under any circumstances be privatised or else the private companies will monopolise and dictate things to the detriment of consumers as is being done today in the Aviation Sector.
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All the kings men cannot put Indian aviation sector together again

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