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NewsIP.in Is the Digital Platform of Indian Prashashan, an ethical Indian News Paper. It is registered with The Registrar News Paper of India, Govt of India from the year 2005, bearing No. (RNI/2005/14579). The Newspaper also has an affiliation with Govt. Of India’s bodies, DAVP and CBOC and has approval for Advertisements. newsip.in has tried to give a platform to those whose voice gets buried under the maze of official systems. Alongside News from the world of business, political, health, science & technology, welfare schemes for the general public, entertainment, films etc. find a place for wide circulation through its medium. Be it USA or UAE , Germany or Russia, Africa or China increasing footprints are proof of newsip’ s growing popularity. We at News are committed to leave indelible footprints on this globe. You can become a part of our team by unhesitantly sharing newsworthy events, no matter how small it may be, with us. Our team will examine your submission and if found authentic and relevant it shall find a prominent place in newsip. Let’s both you and us become an ever-vigilant team. With Best Wishes. newsip Team & Editor

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