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Forensic Science Hub to Transform Justice- Amit Sah

In a significant development, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has announced the establishment of a Center of Excellence in forensic science training and laboratory testing facilities on 50 acres in Haryana.

The center will provide scientific assistance in implementing new criminal laws and serve as a training institute for police and judicial officers.
Speaking at the MoU signing ceremony, Shah emphasized the importance of scientific enhancement of the criminal justice system.

He congratulated the people of Haryana on this initiative, which will bring a radical change in the criminal justice system in the state.
Union Minister Manohar Lal hailed the center as a significant step towards providing swift justice to victims. He noted that the center will facilitate evidence collection in criminal cases, leading to faster convictions.
Haryana Chief Minister Nayab Singh expressed his gratitude to the Union Home Minister for envisioning this project.

He emphasized that the center will greatly benefit the criminal justice system, enabling the state to provide swift justice to victims.
The center will emerge as a major training center for Northern India, providing training to police and judicial officers.

The National Forensic Science University will establish its campus in Haryana, making it a hub for forensic science training and research.
This initiative is a significant milestone in the country’s efforts to strengthen the criminal justice system. The center will play a crucial role in implementing new criminal laws and providing scientific assistance in criminal cases.

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