One-sided secret of the person with ventilator in IOCL

It’s shocking how Indian Oil, a Fortune 500 Company, is being systematically weakened by forces within and outside it. We have been regularly sharing with our readers the Energy Scenario of India with an emphasis on the role of PSUs in the Oil & Gas sector. IOCL as everyone knows has been a leader in this sphere with the domestic market being ably handled by it till now. However current activities have made the alarm bells ring.

For the position of Director R&D, an incumbent who was already on extension, wanted an appointment as a Consultant which apparently was turned down by Govt. representative in the Board. While for Director Finance Selection, a candidate not having been called for the interview had to seek remedy from the Delhi High Court.

The current IOCL Chairman is known in the Oil and Gas segment not by any momentous contribution but more by his desire to continue in his position by any means. For this, he has used his famed political connections to great effect. Not only he has managed the extension of his tenure but ensured no member in the IOCL Board is strong and effective. Selections to the IOCL Board or Continuation as Consultants at the behest of the Chairman have kicked off controversies and even Court Cases.

The latest in this dirty game is regarding applications invited by PESB for the post of Director of Human Resources. Readers will recall that the last Dir HR was not granted an extension till his superannuation. The post thus became vacant prematurely.

The invitation of applicants to the post of Dir HR IOCL has brought about an unprecedented situation, never before witnessed in PSEs. NewsIP has information that for the post of HR Director of IOCL, which has lofty claims and slogan -“पहले इंडियन फिर ऑयल ” has drawn a record number of applications.
This post is currently being after by the Director of Business Development as an additional charge. Mr. Subiman Mandal who was himself a candidate for the post of Dir HR, a few years ago has been brought in to help.
According to the information, more than a hundred candidates have applied for this post. One can understand why this is so. The position is sensitive both in terms of reach and financial power with ample opportunity for the use of power and financially gaining from it. Usually, PESB will make a panel of only twelve candidates as per its procedures. And only one lucky candidate will be appointed.
Experts have an opinion that this has never happened. Before also in the history of IOCL PESB has not recommended names and instead recommended a search committee.  The reason for such an unprecedented situation in a leading PSE needs to be investigated.
It is also unclear what specific criteria are there to fill board-level positions and why seniors have been bypassed and junior officers appointed. Is it because the Chairman wants a Yes Man Board?
It remains to be seen what criteria will be used this time to fill the post of HR Director of IOCL if at all. Elections are round the corner. It’s time when utmost Vigilance should be exercised.
There is a new twist in all this the current Chairman of IOCL is also there only for a short time because his term has ended. He is on this post with the help of a ventilator, metaphorically speaking. Readers will be surprised to know that not one but two sons of the current Chairman have been recruited in Indian Oil.
We at NewsIP believe that Corruption starts with Appointment. We leave it to the readers to make their own assessment.

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