The future is of the fair and brave in Oil & Gas Sector

In a significant move, PESB has puts its recommendatory stamp on Ms Rasmi Govil, currently Executive Director in the Human Resources Department of the Corporate Office of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. as Director (Human Resources) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

NewsIP has been keenly following the appointments in the Oil & Gas sector in India. Leadership positions, especially in PSUs, have always greatly impacted the fortune of many Corporates. Pesonalling these leadership positions is of vital importance and choosing them is certainly not an easy task.

PESB should indeed be praised for its successful endeavour. In recommendation of Ms Govil, the PM’s vision of empowering Nari Shakti has also been fulfilled. There are not many Boards in India, much less in PSUs, which can lay claim to adopting inclusiveness and gender parity. Having said that, the leadership capability and professional dexterity of Ms Govil must have enabled PESB to make this laudable choice.
The industry insiders, who track these matters, are all praise for Ms Govil’s selection. She has had a long career as a Human Resources Professional in IOCL and discharged her duties quite ably. She has had a steady career progression and has held several positions in the hierarchy at various locations. She has the unique distinction of contributing to HR Policy making from an early career stage itself. Her current tenure in the Corporate Office HR Dept. must have enabled her to get the global picture, so vital for functioning as a member of the Board of IOCL. Today, HR is one of the most crucial of resources utilized by any corporate. While AI and other new interventions are taking over many of the activities done by the human resources of an organization, employees do remain the essential component of business activities.

PSU management is quite peculiar and somewhat more complicated than the private sector due to the diverse and compelling forces which act them. Much of the policies get directed by various governmental bodies and PSUs often are the first-line organizations implementing both business and municipal objectives. Insiders say that Ms Govil has a proven provess for both.
PSU management is at cross roads. There are conflicting demands to be met. Market forces are sometimes not allowed to hold sway as the municipal and social functions are also to be taken into account.

The HR management function in PSUs continues to play a very significant role, right from Generating Employment, Employee Relations to CSR. In real terms, the CSR activities carried out by PSUs have made significant inroads in India. To cite a few examples is the popular Ms Ujjawala Yojana and Project Cheeta. Although Ms Govil may be having her hands full, especially there was no full-time Dir(HR0 after Mr Mahapatra was not given an extension.

We at NewIP believe like all her previous assignments, she will come out with flying colours, in this role as well.
NewIp wishes Ms Govil and her team the very best in future accomplishments as Dir(HR) IOCL

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