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Haryana Unveils Ambitious Plan to Transform Villages into Sporting Hubs

Chandigarh, January 2 – In a groundbreaking move, Haryana, renowned for its sports prowess, is gearing up for a revolutionary transformation of its villages into sporting hubs. Chief Minister Sh Manohar Lal, championing this visionary initiative, has directed the establishment of specialized high-performance centers dedicated to cultivating the athletic potential of young minds. These centers, focusing on specific sports aligned with regional preferences, aim to empower youth to shine on the global sports stage.

Addressing officials from the Sports Department, the Chief Minister emphasized the state government’s unwavering commitment to fortify sports infrastructure in every region. He called for the creation of sports nurseries in villages, tailored to the demand and preferences for specific sports, laying a robust foundation for budding talents. The directive to map existing sports infrastructure and integrate public demands through various portals underscores the government’s proactive approach.

Highlighting the role of medal-winning players, Sh Manohar Lal urged them to contribute by establishing sports nurseries, thus nurturing the next generation of athletes. Ensuring equal opportunities for players at all levels, the Chief Minister affirmed the government’s dedication to providing comprehensive support and training. The meeting also revealed ongoing sports infrastructure projects, with plans to optimize resources through collaboration with government colleges. The transformative vision seeks to propel Haryana to new heights in the realm of sports, reinforcing its legacy on the national and international stage.

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