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NEEPCO GEM:2024 Launches Girl Empowerment Workshop at AgGBPS

A Girl Empowerment Workshop commenced today during the summer recess of schools, spearheaded by NEEPCO GEM:2024, a venture under the NEEPCO CSR Scheme at AgGBPS.

The Workshop features diverse skill-building exercises and informative sessions, encompassing Yoga, Karate, Basic Mathematics, Vedic Mathematics, English Proficiency, Computer Skills, Creative Arts and Crafts, Personality Development, Public Speaking, and various awareness programs on health, hygiene, fire safety, environmental awareness, traffic regulations, societal gender issues and crime, appropriate and inappropriate touch, child safety and rights, the significance of female education, and cybercrime. Esteemed experts in these domains will lead the interactive sessions. Forty-two girls aged 10-12, nominated by the principals of four nearby schools, are participating in this 15-day Workshop.

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