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Bhopal to Host Madhya Pradesh’s First City Museum with Modern Technology

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh – In a historic move, the Government of India has approved the establishment of the first-ever City Museum in Bhopal, coinciding with International Museum Day on 18th May. The Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board will set up the museum in the left wing of Moti Mahal, while the right wing will house the Mahapratapi Raja Bhoj Sangrahalaya. This project aims to offer a Tourist Interpretation Centre and Citizen Engagement Centre for heritage and culture enthusiasts.

According to Principal Secretary of Tourism and Culture and Managing Director of the Tourism Board Mr. Sheo Shekhar Shukla, the museum will feature 11 galleries focusing on Bhopal and Madhya Pradesh’s rich history and geography. Visitors will see prehistoric rock paintings, stone tools, archaeological finds, regal attire, ancient sculptures, temple remains, and Nawab period art. Modern technology will create an engaging experience.

Additionally, the Tribal Museum in Bhopal introduces seven houses representing the state’s major tribes: Gond, Bhil, Baiga, Korku, Bharia, Sahariya, and Kol. These houses, built with traditional materials, will host tribal families for three to six months, offering visitors a close look at their lifestyle and culture. This initiative aims to dispel myths about tribal society. Starting 6th June 2024, visitors can interact with these communities, enhancing their cultural experience.

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