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Buddhist Circuit Development: A Spiritual Journey Awaits

Bhopal, May 22, 2024 In a significant move to promote Buddhist heritage, the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board is developing a Buddhist Circuit connecting Sanchi to Bodhgaya and Sarnath.
The circuit aims to attract Buddhist pilgrims worldwide and inform them about the state’s rich Buddhist heritage. With an investment of Rs 70 crore, the board has developed meditation halls, approach roads, and tourist facilitation centers in Sanchi and other destinations.
The circuit will connect Sanchi and other sites in Madhya Pradesh with major Buddhist centers in the country. The development efforts include beautification, interpretation centers, and Buddhist theme parks to create a serene ambiance for pilgrims and tourists. The board is also working to establish Sanchi as a major Buddhist center nationally and internationally.
The Buddhist Circuit is a historical route that will take pilgrims on a spiritual journey from Deurkothar (Rewa) to Sanchi, Satdhara, Sonari, and other destinations, finally culminating in South India and Sri Lanka. With Buddha Purnima on May 23, 2024, the development of this circuit is a timely tribute to the life values of Gautam Buddha.

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