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Scammed the country of crores in the name of 2.5 lakh ghost workers by VK Saxena-AAP

the LG is sending us legal notices because we exposed his scams, we won't stop until we expose every single scam of VK Saxena, do whatever you can. The Constitution of India gives me the freedom to speak the truth; won't stop till I expose the reality of PM Modi's corrupt LG

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New Delhi: A kind of war began between the Delhi Government and L.G.of Delhi. a new trigger has been launched by Mr Sanjay Singh M.P.Rajysabha AAP. A press release issued by AAP alleged that, exposed how LG VK Saxena, while being the Chairman of Khadi Village Industries Commission, scammed the country crores in the name of 2.5 lakh ghost workers. “Out of 4.55 lakh artisans registered under KVIC, bank accounts were opened for only 1.93 lakh artisans, the remaining 2.5 lakh ghost workers were paid in cash every month.

The High Court had ordered the KVIC to not pay any wages in cash yet they continued to pay ghost workers in cash. The Central Vigilance Commission found in its investigation that crores of rupees have been gobbled in the name of ghost workers, and large sums were disbursed in the name of unknown people without any record. The CVC asked them how they issued a cheque of Rs 3 crore when there was only Rs 2-3 lac in their account. When asked to present the cheque in front of the CVC they said they’d dropped tea on the cheque and ruined it. The erstwhile member of the Khadi Commission, Rajendra Pratap Gupta has said that KVIC was paying ghost workers in cash in violation of the court order. Despite already having a guest house in possession, a plan was made to buy a new guest house worth 23 crores in 2018, KVIC member Rajendra Pratap Gupta protested against the move highlighting the worrying condition of KVIC. Modi Government should sack & arrest such a corrupt LG, CBI-ED should investigate how public money was scammed in the name of 2.5 lakh artisans: Sanjay Singh”

“A corrupt man is now the L-G of Delhi. He was appointed to this post by the Modi Government which is at the helm of affairs at the centre. This man committed a scam when he was the KVIC Chairman. There are lakhs of employees working in the KVIC. They do various jobs like stitching clothes and weaving. The total number of employees is 4.55 lakhs and this is not a small number. Crores of money have been gobbled while paying salaries to these employees.”

He continued, “The employees filed a petition in the Patna High Court and said that despite clear orders and rules of the Commission, they are not being paid through cheque or the salary is not being transferred to their bank accounts. This is a scam. The High Court made several directions in its order in 2016 but I want to read one line. The court ordered that there will be no payment in cash. This would not only apply to this cooperative but similar to other cooperatives working under KVIC. Upon KVIC being satisfied with the accounts, it may take decisions of disbursement of further.”

He added, “Despite the orders of the Patna High Court, the Director of KVIC passed an order on September 09th, 2017. He wrote that in order to speed up the settlement of claims, it had been decided to extend the time limit by one more month. This proves that the KVIC kept making payments in cash contrary to the court orders. The same KVIC which was under V K Saxena’s Chairmanship, the current L-G of Delhi. The matter does not end here. There is a person named Rajendra Pratap Gupta. He is not an AAP leader, he has nothing to do with AAP. He was the then Member of KVIC. He posted a tweet on September 09th, 2017 in which he said that I got a complaint how KVIC India is breaching court orders and making cash payments. Complete disregard for cashless. These are not my words but a respectable member of KVIC.”

Shri Sanjay Singh said, “Now I am going to present the most shocking fact. You might ask that when payments were made in cash and V K Saxena kept looting crores of money, how did he do that and what was the total amount of money he gobbled? There are 4.55 employees and yet merely 1,93,598 bank accounts of employees were opened. More than 2.5 lakh employees remained without any bank account. They were ghost employees. There are no records about them. Their name, posting and the mode through which payments were made in their names are unknown. The then KVIC Chairman gobbled the salaries of 2.62 lakh employees.”

He continued, “This is a massive scam. The Central Vigilance Commission investigated this matter. CVC observed that there were complaints that ghost artisans were present in the system as presents in cash in crores were disbursed to unidentified persons without maintaining any proper record. They found that a cheque of Rs 3 crores was issued from an account with a balance of merely Rs 2-3 lakhs. It was done out of panic as the investigation had begun. They issued cheques in the name of random persons to settle the account. When CVC quizzed them on lack of balance, KVIC told me that I was a post-dated cheque. Then the CVC asked them to show the cheque, they gave a ludicrous response. CVC observed that interestingly, the records related to the issue of cheques were destroyed with malafide intentions and the official told that records were destroyed due to spilling of tea over them. These are CVC’s words, not mine and that too against a department under the control of V K Saxena as he was KVIC Chairman.”

He added, “There is another interesting matter. These people were going to buy a flat worth Rs 23 crores and turn it into a guest house. They planned to buy the flat on March 6th, 2018 and Rajendra Pratap Gupta, a nobleman, vehemently objected to the purchase. He said that the finances of the KVIC are in bad condition and we already have a guest house. What is the need of buying this flat in Delhi? The flat was in Sports Village. On the basis of all the evidence, I want to say that V K Saxena is a super-corrupt and the most-dishonest person. Delhi L-G is top-notch corrupt. He gobbled the salaries of 2.5 lakh employees which is in crores and billions. He turned an institute as pious as KVIC into his den of loot and corruption.”

If you think that you will continue your loot and corruption and cover up them with such notices, you are mistaken. I am a member of the uppermost legislative body of the country. I will expose all your scams one by one. And beware that you should not send replies from the Twitter handle of Raj Niwas. It is not your handle. It is the official handle of L-G of Delhi. Send your reply on all your corruption from the handle in your name. V K Saxena should tell where he kept the money he looted from 2.5 lakh employees. We demand that CBI-ED should investigate this matter and such a corrupt person should be removed from his post immediately.

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