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Rahul Gandhi Defends Diversity

In Malappuram, Kerala, Rahul Gandhi, MP and former Congress President, addressed a public meeting, expressing gratitude to the people of Wayanad for their support. He acknowledged various Congress leaders present and extended a warm welcome to everyone.

Gandhi recounted a personal anecdote about his evolving appreciation for Kathakali, emphasizing how understanding cultural traditions deepened his respect for them. He highlighted the diversity of Indian languages, dances, and histories, all protected by the Constitution, and criticized attempts to impose cultural uniformity.

He contrasted the Congress’s vision with that of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, asserting that the BJP’s attempts to dictate cultural practices were rejected by the electorate. Gandhi claimed that the election results demonstrated a clear mandate against hatred and arrogance, favoring love and humility instead.
He pointed out the symbolic shift in BJP’s stance towards the Constitution post-elections and underscored the importance of preserving India’s diverse traditions. Gandhi concluded by committing to fight for a compassionate, pro-poor vision for India, ensuring both Wayanad and Raebareli benefit from his representation.

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