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The Tata House of horrors

It’s believed that Tatas in India ingenerated idealistic, iconic, industrialization. Every Indian feels proud that it has one Indian Industrial exemplar to quote.Its benevolent approach to conducting business is sans pareil. The world is still in awe of how the Tatas handled 26/11. The solictitude shown to guests, employees, even street side vendors is unmatched. Today people are wondering how Tatas which are a benchmark of sorts in corporate compassion is down to the very pits of inhumanity.

NewsIP has been consistently sharing with its esteemed readers about the vagaries of Tata managed Air India. To tell the truth, we along with our readers are appalled to see the name of Tatas being besmirched by the current batch of management. Is it possible that the famed Ratan Tata ji in his advancing years is being taken for a royal ride by the Air India Maharaja?

We at NewsIP had shared in our various articles, the hapless condition of Tata controlled Air India. From unacceptable delays in International and Domestic circuits, feeding fliers on tarmac of airport, to safety concerns and DGCA time and again pulling up Air India. It was all along felt that the Tatas being what they are will pull themselves up and get going. However the latest horror faced by travellers due to the reported delay of the San Francisco flight by 30 Hours seems to be the last straw. Apart from the inconvenience faced by the delay, Air India shockingly asked passengers to board without AC and later were seen lying on carpet of the terminal. This was certainly not the Tatas which every Indian was proud of at one time. The fact is known to most frequent fliers, travel agents, even DGCA is that the international flights of Air India get delayed on a regular basis.
The Airline seems to be a serial offender. Air India simply is unable to manage things. The much publicized privatization of Air India seems to have lost steam. At least during its avatar as a government company such human rights violation were not seen. And many could take the govt. owned company to task for such irregularities.NewsIP has always been for nation building and not privatization just for the sake of privatization. That Air India could have been turned around and not hastily sold off is a different story which can be debated some other time.

Today one way of solving these regularly occurring gaffs which are certainly not acceptable, is to off load these lucrative routes from Air India and offer them to other Airlines till Tatas is able to get it’s game together. Min. of Civil Aviation and DGCA should step in immediately to stop this blitzkrieg on hapless Air Travellers. All eyes on Tata’s Air India.

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