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NEEPCO’s Thriving Odyssey: Charting the Course to 7,000 MW by 2034 and Embracing the Energy Transition

 New Delhi: Neepco’s journey is far from over; we’re gearing up for an exciting future! Our sights are set on propelling NEEPCO to new heights, aspiring to become a robust 7,000 MW Company by 2034. NEEPCO is planning five major hydropower projects of 2626 MW in Shi Yomi district of Arunachal Pradesh while simultaneously enhancing its Solar Power Projects portfolio, 300 MW Solar Project in Rajasthan being a case in point.

Alongside, Neepco is strategically investing in reskilling, upskilling, and capacity building for our workforce, aligning with the energy transition era. The goal is to cultivate a mission-oriented team, collectively working towards NEEPCO’s exponential growth in harmony with our nation’s objectives of energy security, climate goals and *sustainable development.

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