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Delhi roads to be redesigned along the lines of European cities-C.M.Delhi

Addressing a press conference in the Delhi Secretariat on Tuesday, Delhi Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal announced redesigning of 9 stretches of roads in Delhi to combat the problem of traffic congestion and bottleneck roads in the city.

The Chief Minister said, “All the roads of Delhi will be entirely redesigned as per international standards. We have been trying to do this for a few years now, and our hard work has paid off. Nine road stretches of 45 km will be redesigned on a pilot basis. Work orders for one road have been given today, and work orders for two roads will be given tomorrow. The work orders for the remaining roads will be given in the month of November. We hope to improve the condition of the roads and tackle the problem of traffic congestion by redesigning the roads within a year. The cost of redesigning these nine stretches will be Rs 400 crores.”

The Chief Minister also said that if the pilot project of redesigning these nine stretches is successful, then all the other roads under the jurisdiction of PWD will be redesigned along the same lines. Pictures of the planned road structures were also shown in the press conference to the media.

Redesigning to solve various issues through proper planning and mapping

Delhi CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal said that people face issues because there are bottleneck roads, which create the problem of traffic congestion at various locations in the city. “There is heavy traffic congestion on the bottleneck roads of the city. The wide roads in Delhi significantly turn into a narrow lane after a few miles, and then back into a wide road after a few miles, which create a bottleneck situation and heavy traffic at some particular locations. Our priority will be removing those bottlenecks first, for a smooth flow of traffic and an organized lane system. Our second work would be to increase the efficiency of the existing space of the roads in the city so that spaces are best utilized as per their abilities. There is no proper planning or mapping involved in the construction of roads as of now. There will be measured and planned spaces for vehicles, non-motorized vehicles, footpaths, and side-lanes. The footpaths will be widely mapped to an average of 10 feet for the convenience of the peddlers. These footpaths will be redesigned and reconstructed as per a standard height for the convenience of physically handicapped,” said the Chief Minister.

Rainwater harvesting systems to be built inside the drains, roads to have separate spaces for tree plantation

The Chief Minister said, “These footpaths will be redesigned and reconstructed as per a standard height for the convenience to physically handicapped. There will be separate spaces for the planting of trees on the sides of the footpaths. There will be separate parking spaces for the electric vehicles and auto-rickshaws alongside the footpaths. The slope of the roads, as well as the drains, will be redesigned to tackle the problem of waterlogging on the roads. Rainwater harvesting structures will be built inside the drainage systems to store rainwater as groundwater.”The chief minister also told the media that the roads will have street furniture installed on the sides, and the junctions on the roads will be redesigned. Roads will be redesigned in such a way so that there are no open areas but concrete floors or artificial grass landscapes. All the uneven roads will be resurfaced and potholes will be removed.

No surface will be left unpaved or unscaped for dust control: CM Shri Kejriwal

“Not even an inch of surface of any road or roadside will be left uncovered, in order to ensure that there is no dust on the roads. Adequate grasses and shrubs will be planted on all surfaces to ensure dust control,” said CM Shri Kejriwal.

Nine road stretches to be redesigned

1- Wazirpur Depot to Rithala Metro Station

2 – Britania Chowk to Outer Ring Road West Enclave Pitampura

3 – Shivdhapuri Marg and Patel Road

4- Vikas Marg, Lakshmi Nagar to Kadkadi Mod

5- Nirman Road Mother Dairy to Panchmahal

6 – Ring Road, Mayapuri to Motibagh Junction

7- Ring Road, AIIMS to Ashram

8 – Ambedkar Nagar to Defence Colony Flyover

9 – Outer Road, Nigam Bodhi Ghat to Magazine Road Crossing

Work orders of three road stretches issued

The work order of the ashram from Ring Road, AIIMS has been issued on Monday. The order for construction of Panchmahal from Vikas Marg, Kadakdi Diversion and Nirmana Road Mother Dairy from Lakshmi Nagar was issued on Tuesday. The work order for another six roads will be issued by 15th November. The construction of all these roads will be completed within one year.

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