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Covid-19 Lockdown paves the way for e-learning communication skills classes

What makes life easy is being aware of what one may be faced with. Awareness comes through education which is acquired. With the lockdown given the deadly Covid-19 pandemic, offices are shut and educational classes are suspended across the nation and even abroad, the social venture British Lingua has come up with its online courses in English communication skills in order to keep up with the pursuit of learning for youth the nation hinges on. 

 “With a tremendous noticeable change in myself, I find it more beneficial to do an online course in communicative English with British Lingua while staying home as it serves the purpose of all four aspects of learning a language- Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing”, said Gayatri, a student from Patna. 

 “It is all thanks to the technology and its enhanced features I have been able to incorporate my English SIM, Structural -cum-Interactive Method, andragogy designed and developed by British Lingua wherein the trainees attend my virtual classroom even from rural areas but they appear to be just sitting before my very eyes in an actual one,” said Dr Birbal Jha, Managing Director of British Lingua, an institute of international repute. 

 Dr Jha’s online interactive lingua classes include a student of STD 8th Tanmay Anand from Gujarat, graduate Aryan Thakur from Hyderabad, and Manisha, an MA from Patna and Delhi’s professional Amita Tripathi are among the dozens of attendees from varied locations in the country.While holding online classes in Spoken English Skills, the master trainer Dr Jha aptly uses a whiteboard; shows PowerPoint presentations, displays an image for a particular word for the clarity of its literal meaning and then its figurative sense is well explained for quick and easy grasp of the usage in varied situations. 


“Tips on sentence formation are given. Ideal group discussions are held. Language errors are spotted and further corrected with explanations at the end of the session each day. Moreover, attendees’ doubts are cleared.” said Arjun Kumar, a trainee in his mid-thirties. “This adversity caused by the Covid-19 must turn into an opportunity for the youth of the day for their intellectual growth. While staying home for healthsake, it is the best possible time for them to create a wealth of knowledge that is said to be power” appeals Dr Birbal, who has been into English skilling and training for almost three decades. To his credit, he has thirty books on the subjects of English communication skills, personal growth, parenting and society.

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