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Transfers tremors in ONGC

Simmering discontent has shaken the country’s largest oil explorer ONGC’s largest Maharana company Oil and Natural Gas Corporation listed. sources said that the entire company, which is the main vehicle for Nation energy security has been taken to ransom by its most privileged and powerful group of officers, around 400 in number in Delhi and Dehradun.
when the officers including women, are being transferred on a regular basis these group of officers in Delhi and Dehradun manages their stay in many cases even more than 20 years in the company power corridor on Delhi and Dehradun.

In the recent list of transfer is it is seen that the large number of officers including women professionals shifted from hard locations like Mumbai offshore to remote locations in the North East, Karaikal, and Rajasthan….in a recent report, circulated widely among the employees it is mentioned that these 400-strong group of officers held all the plum posting in Delhi, Dehradun and ONGC Videsh for more than 10 years which is the blatant violation of companies policy.

These group has more than 25 General Managers, 65 General Managers, 45 Deputy General Managers, 75 Chief Managers and 117s Senior managers besides at least 8-10 Executive Directors are being rotated in the last One half to Two Decayed in the same location, much to the chagrin of twenty-eight thousand ONGC employees. it is mentioned in the report that 8 of out of every 10 posted on ongc’s hard duty jobs can’t get a posting of its or her choice inspite of sweating for years. “Don’t you think that these kinds of major violation will adversely impact the moral of a majority of employees.” The report prepared by an employee suggests that out of these 400 privilege officers , 140 are HR discipline, over 90 from exploration, 50 from finance, 30 from IT and between 20 and 25 from each from drilling production and materials management.
Sources said these infamous group of officer who had dip-routed contact and connection due to their vested interest. When the county is fact with a deep energy crisis and largely dependent on performance and efficiency of the target explorer, one wondered how these major offence to the rules and regulations are floundered by this group.

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