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Madhya Pradesh Shines at SATTE 2024: A Sustainable Showcase of India’s Heartland

Madhya Pradesh showcased its commitment to sustainable tourism at the SATTE 2024 event, held from February 22 to 24, 2024. The Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board (MPTB) actively participated in the event, utilizing it as a platform to emphasize the diverse facets of the state’s tourism industry.

The state, known for its rich cultural heritage and historical sites, aimed to position itself as a comprehensive travel destination offering a wide range of experiences. With a focus on sustainable and balanced travel, MPTB sought to attract both domestic and international travelers by marketing new travel routes catering to interests such as heritage, culture, adventure, wildlife, spirituality, rural areas, and wellness.

Shri Sheo Shekhar Shukla, Principal Secretary Tourism & Culture and Managing Director Tourism Board, expressed the state’s dedication to providing unique and fulfilling experiences for every traveler. Madhya Pradesh, often referred to as the Heart of Incredible India, boasts architectural marvels, untapped landscapes, serene picturesque locations, and rich traditions.

The state’s tourism offerings include diverse attractions such as wildlife safaris, unspoiled natural beauty, adventure activities, camping, water sports, cuisines, heritage, tribal culture, handicrafts, wellness, and mindful tourism. MPTB has implemented sustainable and responsible tourism practices to position Madhya Pradesh as a destination for experience activities, responsible tourism, activity-filled tourism, wellness, and mindful tourism.

Madhya Pradesh, with approximately 77,700 sq. km of forest area, is home to 12 National Parks and 24 Wildlife Sanctuaries. The state boasts UNESCO World Heritage sites like Khajuraho, Bhimbetka, and Sanchi. Recognized as the “Tiger State of the Country” with 526 tigers, it also holds the titles of “The Leopard State” and “The Ghadiyal State.”

The state’s cultural richness is evident through events like the Khajuraho Dance Festival, Malwa Utsav, Tansen Festival, and Allauddin Music Fest. Madhya Pradesh plans to continue its active participation in major tourism fairs and exhibitions in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Nagpur, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and others, aiming to attract tourists from various regions of the country and showcase its tourism potential on a global scale.

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