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Will Psus legacies be scrapped on auditors demand

Once again NewsIP makes News!

NewsIP has a tradition of sharing relevant current issues which have consequences for the citizens of India. All our reporting is based on facts and after thorough checking with the concerned organizations, companies, and even Individuals who are playing their role in the particular event covered in the news. Our esteemed readers have always stood by us and we value their opinion and loyalty.
Recently, We had shared with our readers and the general public that some questions had been raised by Government audits regarding practices historically followed in public sector companies. several matters dealing with employees’ benefits and compensation were raised as audit points. we understand,  that the matters are not easy to ironout. if the management of psus go by the literal implication of the auditor’s points it is likely to negatively impact the employees of psus. in industrial circles, it is known that benefits once extended to employees can not be withdrawn without having a serious impact on employee’s welfare and morale.

As it is, Psus are facing fresh challenges every day. the sword of privatization is hanging over the head of most Psus. At the same time, employee motivation gets impacted by various managerial decisions. The employee’s service delivery resultantly also suffers. The ultimate loser in the whole process is the common citizen who pays a very high price. 
We at NewsIP, were one of the first to bring out the issues pointed out by the Government audit. Now Public Account Committee in its meeting held this week has also taken up the issues raised by the government audit. we have yet to receive information on any decisions taken. it is only hoped that the employees’ concerns, Psus health, and common citizen interest are kept in mind while resolving the matter.

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