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Delhi High Court takes cognizance of Dog Menace

The High Court in Delhi on Monday stated that Stray Dogs have become a menace in Delhi. It issued notice to NDMC, Delhi Government Authorities and the Police on the 50 Lakh petition filed by the father of a young child who was mauled to death by Stray Dogs in Tughlaq Lane, Delhi.

Stray Dog Menace raises its ugly head one again, this time in Andhra Pradesh

The Court went on to say that the fundamental right of life under Art 21 was impacted and the next hearing has been fixed for March 13.
NewsIP would recall how it had brought the matter of stray dogs in India to the fore with its landmark reports which are given in the link below for recall. Citizens of metropolis in India including the capital city are today facing the calamity of stray dogs. Nations the world over have woken up to make their cities safe for its citizens, especially the young citizens. In India, life comes cheap.

It’s a dog’s day after all

The simple issue of controlling and culling of stray dogs is not considered a priority by most municipalities. Coupled with the misplaced and uneducated concerns of animal lovers is proving to be a menace. It’s high time the authorities and policymakers take note before the matter goes out of hand.

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