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Stray Dog Menace raises its ugly head one again, this time in Andhra Pradesh

31, Dec-2023 Our Esteemed readers must have seen the scary visuals of a ferocious attack by a pack of stray dogs in Guntur, AP being flashed in the Visual Media today.

NewsIP had given an early warning on this menace, kindly see the linked Article. What’s most disheartening is that despite repeated incidents, most authorities have chosen to turn a blind eye to this epidemic. Indian civic society, long nurtured by aping the West and now fuelled by social media posts of animal activists, are playing with fire. Many of the activists have their own agendas, even political ones and have scant care for the general well-being of citizens.

It’s a dog’s day after all

The menace of stray dogs if not controlled now has the potential to become a Florida, USA-like situation where control itself becomes near impossible. India neither has adequate funds nor the free will to implement genteel programmes, therefore culling of the strays may be the only solution in most locations.

The misplaced love of pet owners and the common public towards strays must be shouted out against. Unless of course, Indians are willing to risk their own and children’s lives for the love of curs.

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