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NHPC’s achieved its highest ever generation-19-20, Generate 26121 Million Units

NHPC Limited, India’s premier hydropower company achieved its highest ever generation in a financial year with generating 26121 Million Units (MUs) in the FY 2019-2020. This is the highest ever generation by NHPC since its incorporation in November 1975. Moreover, NHPC has also achieved MOU Excellent Generation Target of 26000 MU in the FY 2019-2020.

NHPC has 20 hydro power stations with installed capacity of 5451.2 MW. 13 power stations also achieved highest ever generation individually in the FY 2019-20. The power stations are – 690 MW Salal (4010 MU), 480 MW Uri-I (3408 MU), 330 MW Kishanganga (849 MU), 240 MW Uri-II (1794 MU), 120 MW Sewa-II (648 MU) in Jammu & Kashmir, 510 MW Teesta-V (2832 MU)in Sikkim, 160 MW  Teesta Low Dam -IV (739 MU), 132 MW Teesta Low Dam-III (582 MU) in West Bengal, 540 MW Chamera-I (2663 MU) in Himachal Pradesh, 280 MW Dhauliganga (1326 MU),  94.2 MW Tanakpur (558 MU) in Uttarakhand and 45 MW Nimoo Bazgo (172 MU) and 44 MW Chutak (98 MU) in Ladak

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