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‘No words to describe Delhi carnage which stains India’s fair name’Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind

New Delhi: 20 March, 2020: After visiting the riots-hit areas of North East Delhi, Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind President Maulana Syed Arshad Madani today said that what we have seen there could not be described in words as this horrific and ghastly communal violence and the attacks on the localities indicate meticulous planning and specific targeting of the Muslim community, their businesses and places of worship.Maulana Arshad Madani noted that, “It was a humongous tragedy as death toll can be counted but the financial losses cannot be gauged from what our eyes have seen as hundreds of homes; shops were looted and torched while the attackers and rioters got free hand and full impunity from the law enforcement agencies to wreak havoc and bloodbath for full three days”.

He has not only visited the affected-areas but has also met the victims without any religious bias and heard their horrific stories while assuring them of all help who are traumatized and in despair and need a healing touch. He also reviewed the relief and rehabilitation work being carried out by the Jamiat there.It is to be noted that a representative team of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind has been already doing the relief and rehabilitation work for the riot-affected of North East Delhi from day one. The team has also been conducting surveys of the financial losses during the riots so that the financial help can be given to the affected people accordingly. Jamiat has also taken up the task of rebuilding and repairing homes which were burnt and damaged during the riots.

During the visit, Maulana Madani formally launched the construction work of houses damaged in Khajuri Khas area. On this occasion, a large number of affected people were present and Maulana Madani met them individually and consoled each of them.Later addressing the audience, he said that what has had happened here is heartbreaking and shocking. In today’s civilized world, such barbaric and grievous bloodbath cannot be justified in any manner and it is blot on the face of India which claims to be the largest democracy of the world, he added. He said the fire of hatred has burnt down a large part of the area where Hindus and Muslims have been living for ages with love and brotherhood.While referring to stories published in social media and some news papers, Maulana Madani said the communal forces have failed to destroy the Hindu-Muslim unity and harmony despite all their conspiracies. In many places, Hindus protected Muslims during riots while in many areas Muslims became shields for their Hindu neighbours. He also noted that during the riots a number of mosques were attacked and set ablaze, but Muslims did not retaliate who had protected Hindu temples in their areas.

Lauding the role of Muslims, Maulana Madani said Islam preaches us to respect other religions and their places of worship and adding that communal forces are hell bent on destroying the communal harmony and tolerance. However, they ( communal forces) once again they had bit the dust, and there is a need to further strengthening the Hindu-Muslim unity by forgetting what has happened, he emphasized.He also pointed out that assailants and goons, who came from outside, played a major role in this orchestrated violence but the Delhi police adopted criminal silence on this issue.If the Police had acted in a non-partisan manner, the violence would have been controlled but there were several allegations about passive or active involvement of police personnel in the three-day long violence, Jamiat chief said and adding that this is not a new phenomenon as Police force’s communal bias has come to fore in every incident of communal violence as not only were the police complicit with the mobs, they themselves attacked Muslims.

Maulana Madani also said that the Jamiat’s lawyers team is engaged in the affected areas. If the legal proceeding is not being done in accordance with the law, then Jamiat team will help the victim families, he added.He further said that Jamiat office bearers and volunteers are also trying to ensure that no innocent person is being targeted by the police. After we received complaints of police harassment, a delegation of Jamiat had met the Police Commissioner and other senior police officers. We have lodged our protest and the Police Commissioner assured us of taking corrective measures, he said.Maulana Madani urged the victims to file FIR against the rioters without any fear and hesitation as well as to make practical efforts for strengthening communal harmony and atmosphere in their respective areas. He said that the communal forces’ nefarious design of polarizing the society on religious lines can be foiled by building and strengthening Hindu-Muslim unity and alliance.During the visit, Maulana Madani was accompanied by Mufti Abdul Raziq Secretary Jamiat Ulama Delhi state, Qari Dilshad Qamar, Qari Faizi, Dr. Shams and others

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