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Modi and his Government have broken the back of Indian economy-Congress

New Delhi: (AICC)Over the last six years, we witnessed that Shri Modi and his Government have broken the back of Indian economy – not just that – they made it virtually impossible for the common man and women on the street to lead a dignified life, to be able to withdraw their own money from their own bank account – their hard earned money from their own account. We witnessed long queues in front of banks with helpless people standing there failing to withdraw their own money. Shri Modi, this country has elected you twice, made you the Prime Minister of India. It is rarest of honour. They even applauded some strange jokes of yours; they stood by you despite the fact that you took some horrendous decision, what are you punishing them for?I will present before you the data on bank frauds so that they cannot any more mislead you with WhatsApp forwards.In the year 2015-16 the bank frauds were to the tune of Rs. 18,699 crores; in 2016-17 bank frauds were Rs. 23,933 crores; in the year 2017-18 these frauds were Rs. 41,467 crore; in the year 2018-19 Rs. 71,500 crore and in the year 2019 (upto March 2020) the bank frauds went up to Rs.1,43,068 crore. We want to know Mr. Prime Minister and Madam Finance Minister Nirmala Seetharman, you said you will not eat, you will not let anyone eat, who is doing this? Who are the people behind these frauds?Six months ago- we witnessed the PMC bank fraud where depositors were in queues across the State of Maharashtra trying to withdraw their own hard earned money, but, were unable to do so; several people lost their lives out of shock.We witnessed a series of mis-steps taken by the Modi Government to bail out ILFS through LIC and other nationalized banks also to put money in GSPC, again hard earned money of our Public Sector Undertakings to force – literally force – the LIC of India to buy 51% of IDBI shares.

You want to see the difference between a Doctor and a quack. See the ten years of financial management of Dr. Manmohan Singh during the UPA Government and see the total collapse of our economy under Shri Modi’s watch in the last six years. In the year 2008, during global financial crisis India stayed afloat. Today there is a financial crisis which is Made-in-India; it is having rippels across the world. That is the difference between a Doctor and a quack.

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