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VR designers bring natural collection of kurta, dhoti and coat under Made in India

New Delhi. VR Designerslatest collection of fusion wear is an offering with a hint of contemporary styles, using all ethnic silhouettes like Kurta, dhoti, koti, and shrugs etc. to create a new tale of cultural blend . These unique beautiful garments are made in 100% natural fibers, imbibe together the Indian sensibilities along with being environmentally, socially and ethically conscious clothing. The founder and head designer Mr. Vivek Kumarsaid that Fashion is the one of the fastest growing industry in the world, but unfortunately it has also become the 3rd largest polluter on the planet. It is also very evident that these synthetic clothing cause many serious diseases. On the contrary, the techniques to create natural fibers and its weaving, which took centuries to develop, are abased today. Only India has had over 120 distinct weaving types which was one of the biggest exports till 100 years back( it used to be 85% of total export of the whole world) , but it was gradually destroyed during British era and further continues shrinking day by day.

They added Being a designer’s brand these facts inspired us to create some contemporary designs which can cascade a fashion for the new generation. We are proud to bring back the usage of natural fiber and weaves like cotton slubs , cotton cambric , cotton somber and cotton hopsack etc.Since fashion thrives on change, this industry can easily bring a shift from being a polluter to the life giver industry. And with this special collection we are trying to make this shift happen. Kurtas and Dhotis have been worn in India, since time immemorial, the effort is to bring the same grace and subtleness in these stitched pants, that are easy to wear and effortlessly graceful and comfortable. The pants are made in soft light weight breathable cotton fabric that can be flaunted as an ethnic attire, casual day look or used as flexible yoga pants. The collection is truly exclusive, introduced with a brand name BHARATASYA (Of India or Made in India) with an allure of ethnic charm, and represents a true Indian collection to boost the Indian economy and ecology on a large scale.

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