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SIO relief work continues amid Ramadan

New Delhi:  Labeed shafi (President, SIO of India) said being a student organisation we begun the relief work to extend help to students who stuck due to sudden announcement of 21 days Lockdown (Lockdown 1), later came across the problems faced by migrants labours, poor and the needy concerns, in order to help them the indigent SIO started its relief work across the nation.

SIO also offered temporary arrangements to students who stuck due to travel restrictions, many of the students and labours stranded got help after contacting through SIO volunteers and other means of communications. It is SIO’s significant contribution towards society that our activists are working hard in fulfilling the needs of indigent. The relief work is being carried even in Ramadan. With having 1000 Helpline Centres across India and around 10,000 Volunteers distributed Ration Kits to 85,000+ Families, Ramadan Kits to 25,000+ Families, Food packages to 1,00,000+ migrant labourers, Medical Aid – 5000+ individuals

Guidance to 5000+ Students stranded, 1,00,000+ Food packets to homeless people, also Working in 15+ Slums with a total of around 6,50,000 beneficiaries across the nation said shafi. Labeed shafi thanked all the volunteers and supporters and quoted the saying of The Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) to encourage them. “We are the last (to come) but will be the foremost on the Day of Resurrection.” The narrators of this Hadith said: Allah said, ‘Spend (in charity), for then I will compensate you (generously).'” (Bukhari)

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