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SJVN extends Financial Support in War against Covid 19 : N.L.Sharma

(Shimla) The Covid-19 has taken the World by storm.  In this hour of crisis, SJVN has initiated several measures to combat against COVID-19.   As a socially responsible Corporate, SJVN is extending full  support towards implementation of various measures to deal with the pandemic.
Sh. Nand Lal Sharma, Chairman & Managing Director informed that in fight against Covid-19, SJVN is vigorously carrying out various initiatives and assisting the efforts of  Government in the States of Himachal Pradesh, Bihar and Uttarakhand.
He stated that, in Project Hospitals at Jhakri (Shimla) and  Bayal (Kullu), SJVN has prepared 8 isolation beds, in addition to this 54  Quarters are also prepared to be used as quarantine units in case of any emergency. In addition to this SJVN has extended a financial support of around  Rs. 1,00,00,000 (One Crore) for the purchase of 6 ventilators for IGMC, Shimla, 5 ventilators for DRPMC, Tanda and 2 ventilators for MGH, Rampur. This financial assistance also included provisions for purchase of PPE, Face Masks and Sanitizers.
Sh. Sharma further told that an amount of Rs. 20,00,000( Twenty Lakh)has been provided to District Administration, Kangra and similarly an amount of Rs. 10,00,000(Ten Lakh) has been provided to District Administration, Hamirpur for providing food and other essential commodities to the needy population. In addition to this 16000 triple layered face masks, 5160 sanitizers have also been  procured to be distributed amongst general public around projects/offices in H.P.
Sh. Nand Lal Sharma told that SJVN is executing one 1320 MW Thermal Power Plant in Bihar and for the benefit of the population residing in its vicinity, SJVN has provided 4 ventilators in the Government Hospitals situated in Buxar. For setting up isolation units in these Hospitals, SJVN is also providing 120 semi fowler beds along with mattresses, bed sheets and pillows. In addition to this around 50,000 Face Masks, 6000 units of sanitizers have been provided to the administration. He further added that as a goodwill gesture SJVN is providing 4 soaps each to the families residing in project affected area of Buxar Thermal Power Plant totalling to 30,000 units.
Sh. Sharma further told that, the organization is taking lead in creating awareness on the Corona virus pandemic.  To supplement the efforts of Government various media like Hoardings, Radio Jingles, Mobile Medical Units, Announcements through Loud Speakers etc are being utilized to spread the awareness. He further added that till date SJVN has distributed around 75000 Face Masks and around 18000 sanitisers amongst general public & medical staff.
 He said that, SJVN stands strongly by the Government and fellow countrymen in the testing time and as a socially responsible organization, SJVN is liberally providing all the support towards implementation of various measures to deal with the pandemic. To aid in battle against COVID-19, SJVN is contributing Rs. 25.32 Crore towards PM CARES fund, which also includes employee contribution of Rs. 32 Lakh.All the employees of SJVN, as a gesture of solidarity with fellow Indians has contributed this amount from their salaries.
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