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PM Narendra Modi’s decisive fight against Covid19

Narendra Modi government is fighting against Covid19 with full force, vigour and energy.

(A Sakthivel) :Under the efficient and effective leadership of PM Narendra Modi, central government is taking all measures with the cooperation and coordination with states to fight against Covid19. The central government with the coordination with states is addressing issues ranging from covid19 testing kits, medical professionals security kits, insurance cover to medical staffs,  taking care of rural and urban labourers, farmers, women and Industries of the countries. When the well developed countries like United States of America, Italy and spain are almost accepting that they could not fight aginst the deadly virus Covid19 and hopelessly stating that they are unable to stop the death of lakhs of their citizens ,  here, the Indian Prime Minister  Shri Narendra Modi is filling all positivities in citizens and uniting and encouraging them to fight against the deadly virus by following social distancing. PM Narendra Modi has  put citizens lives above economic status of the country and his  stand clears his intention and humanitarian approach. The timely lockdown decison by Shri Narendra Modi government is being appreciated by world bodies like WHO (World Health Organisation),  SAARC (South Asia Association of Regional comprising Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka). But the Indian Opp parties like Congress has been questioning the lockdown move and trying term it as unplanned one. Instead of showing solidarity with government, the Congress party’s behaviour is almost similar to organisations like Tablighi Jamaat which is declairing  openly  of non-cooperation. The timely lockdown decision had have not been taken then the spike in positive cases would have been severe and the situation would have been gone out of control. Here are the some important announcements and measures have been taken by Central government before and after 21 days lockdown came into being. (The details are based on centre’s status report to Supreme Court.)
SWIFT RESPONSE : On the very day that China announced a new type of coronavirus – January 7 – Union health secretary asked all states to ensure ‘adequate hospital preparedness to meet with any potential emergency’ 13 days before WHO declared Covid-19 a public health emergency of international concern, India started thermal screening of all passengers coming from China and Hong Kong at three international airports from January 18. Situation monitored at the highest level by thePM and home minister, with almost daily meetings of the group of ministers and committeeof secretaries chaired by the cabinet secretary.
Union health secretary holding review meeting almost every alternate day with states: WhatsApp groups of secretaries, chief secretaries and home secretaries of states operating 24*7 for smooth coordination. CHECKS ON THE GROUND All international flights stopped from March 22 till April 14 1.53 million passengers screened at airports, 40,000 people at 12 major seaports and 65 minor ports, and 2 million at land border posts 348,000 passengers brought under 28-day health monitoring protocol Country’s testing capacity increased from one lab in Pune to 118 labs; 47 private labs with 20,000 collection centres also now active 135,000 isolation beds identified across states; 637 rail wagons in 17 different zones being converted isolation beds. Purchase orders issued for 40,000 ventilators..21,064 relief camps set up so far, 666,000people provided shelter.
Financial Package to fight against Corana (the details are based on official data of govt)The Governmemt has announced Rs 1.70 Lakh Crore relief package under Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana for the poor to help them fight the battle against Corona Virus. The measures are intended at reaching out to the poorest of the poor, with food and money in hands, so that they do not face difficulties in buying essential supplies and meeting essential needs.”
PRADHAN MANTRI GARIB KALYAN PACKAGE: Insurance scheme for health workers fighting COVID-19 in Government Hospitals and Health Care Centres: Safai karamcharis, ward-boys, nurses, ASHA workers, paramedics, technicians, doctors and specialists and other health workers would be covered by a Special insurance Scheme.Any health professional, who while treating Covid-19 patients, meet with some accident, then he/she would be compensated with an amount of Rs 50 lakh under the scheme.All government health centres, wellness centres and hospitals of Centre as well as States would be covered under this scheme  approximately 22 lakh health workers would be provided insurance cover to fight this pandemic.
PM Garib Kalyan Ann (अन्न) Yojana : Government of India would not allow anybody, especially any poor family, to suffer on account of non-availability of foodgrains due to disruption in the next three months. 80 crore individuals, i.e, roughly two-thirds of India’s population would be covered under this scheme.Each one of them would be provided double of their current entitlement over next three months. This additionality would be free of cost.: Pulses: To ensure adequate availability of protein to all the above mentioned individuals, 1 kg per family, would be provided pulses according to regional preferences for next three months. These pulses would be provided free of cost by the Government of India.
Under Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana,: Benefit to farmers: The first instalment of Rs2,000 due in 2020-21 will be front-loaded and paid in April 2020 itself under the PM KISAN Yojana. It would cover 8.7 crore farmers.
Cash transfers Under PM Garib Kalyan Yojana:Help to Poor: A total of 20.40 crores PMJDY women account-holders would be given an ex-gratia of Rs 500 per month for next three months.Gas cylinders: Under PM Garib Kalyan Yojana, gas cylinders, free of cost, would be provided to 8 crore poor families for the next three months.Help to low wage earners in organised sectors: Wage-earners below Rs 15,000 per month in businesses having less than 100 workers are at risk of losing their employment.Under this package, government proposes to pay 24 percent of their monthly wages into their PF accounts for next three months. This would prevent disruption in their employment.: Support for senior citizens (above 60 years), widows and Divyang: There are around 3 crore aged widows and people in Divyang category who are vulnerable due to economic disruption caused by COVID-19.
Government will give them Rs 1,000 to tide over difficulties during next three months.: MNREGA: Under PM Garib Kalyan Yojana, MNREGA wages would be increased by Rs 20 with effect from 1 April, 2020. Wage increase under MNREGA will provide an additional Rs 2,000 benefit annually to a worker.This will benefit approximately 13.62 crore families.
Self-Help groups: Women organised through 63 lakhs Self Help Groups (SHGs) support 6.85 crore households. Limit of collateral free lending would be increased from Rs 10 to Rs 20 lakhs.
Other components of PM Garib Kalyan package Organised sector: Employees’ Provident Fund Regulations will be amended to include Pandemic as the reason to allow non-refundable advance of 75 percent of the amount or three months of the wages, whichever is lower, from their accounts.Families of four crore workers registered under EPF can take benefit of this window.
Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Fund: Welfare Fund for Building and OtherConstructions Workers has been created under a Central Government Act.
There are around 3.5 Crore registered workers in the Fund.: State Governments being directed to utilise this fund to provide assistance and support to these workers to protect them against economic disruptions.
District Mineral Fund: The State Governments are being asked to utilise the funds available under District Mineral Fund (DMF) for supplementing and augmenting facilities of medical testing, screening and other requirements in connection with preventing the spread of CVID-19 pandemic as well as treating the patients affected with this pandemic.
Funds to states to fight against Covid19: The Ministry of Home Affairs has approved the grant of Rs 11,092 crore from the State Disaster Hazard Management Fund (SDRMF) to the states. Along with this, the Finance Ministry has also released Rs 6,195 crore under 14 Revenue Deficit Grants, which is quite commendable. (The writer is working as a news watcher and analyst in a national political party office. The views expressed are strictly personal)
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