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One day salary to PM Relief fund by all THDC employees

List of actions done by Sewa- THDC,under CSR Calamity head upto 31.3.2020

1.Public awareness to safeguard from cronavirus, done by audio speaker (fitted in a vehicle) in Rksh from 20.3.20,in liason with local admn.

2.1088 food item packets distributed to poor/distressed in Rksh,Doiwala,areas as per SDM/Tehsildar suggestion and is continued.
3.Masks 5700 no and Sanitizers 1250 distributed in Rksh colonies and is continued..
4.Cooked Food packets,600 no for lunch and dinner given to poor , distressed at Khurja,with Distt admn upto 31.3.20 and is continued.
5.One Hundred packets of food items distribution done in Tehri to poor,needy and is continued.
6.Rs Eight lacs funds committed to CMO Tehri for emergent equipment , Medicine etc,as per their demand.
7.Rs 25 lacs of funds committed to DM Tehri as per Distt demand for emergent equipt,medical aids etc. One day salary to PM Relief fund by all THDC employees. 1840 employees- 60 lakhs approx.
PM Relief fund

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