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NTPC, Prepared to supply uninterrupted power supply to the nation despite the widespread threat of COVID-19.

New Delhi: To deal with the ongoing crisis, NTPC Ltd has issued suitable advisories for its employees posted at various Units and Offices in line with the advisory issued by the Government of India to deal with the epidemic. All employees have been advised to avoid face to face meetings and Public gatherings to the extent feasible.

NTPC has ensured wide circulation of dos & don’ts with regards to COVID-19 in the townships, to all employees through different modes of extensive campaigning like films, posters, hoardings etc.Officials have been advised to curtail visit to foreign countries to the extent feasible. Further, any person who has visited affected foreign countries in the recent past (last 14 days) is appropriately advised to report to the State Health Authorities for further necessary action.Employees, who are at high risk of complications in the event of COVID-19 infection are allowed to work from home.While entering NTPC campus or corporate office, hand sanitizers are made available with instruction of its use. Biometric process for employee attendance has been made manual for the time period.

All the trained health care staff at NTPC Townships are observing the Prevention and Control (IPC) guidelines and are using Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) as per the guidelines issued by the administration.NTPC has also ensured that visitors with essential business requirement ‘only’ are permitted to enter NTPC premises with prior approval.

For submission of vendor bills, claims pertaining to ex-employees of NTPC can be put in drop boxes at entry gates to avoid physical transactions. Also, strict provisions are in place for screening of visitors & employees entering NTPC premise with thermal scanners/ screeners. Allotment of guesthouses at the plant locations are being regulated as per essential requirements. Students at educational institutions under the aegis of NTPC along with coaching classes has been advised to remain at home.All gyms, clubs, swimming pools, club cinemas etc. have been closed at NTPC Townships. Plant Canteens and Dining halls are provided with adequate handwashing facilities and proper cleanliness of frequently touched surfaces. Provisions are also made for the health screening of all associate staffs engaged at canteens, guest houses and dining halls.

Despite this pandemic situation, NTPC is making sure that there is no gap in power generation and taking all precautionary measure to ensure the same.Present installed capacity of NTPC is 58,156 MW comprising of 55 NTPC Stations i.e. 24 Coal, 7 combined cycle gas/liquid fuel, 2 Hydro, 1 Wind, 11 solar PV projects and 10 Joint Venture stations.

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