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We have to ensure that commitment reflects in our thinking-Prime Minister

New Delhi: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s Statement based on his address at the Meeting of BJP Parliamentary Party on Tuesday, 3 March 2020“ Development and Development alone is our fundamental Mantra and all our political activism is aimed only and only to serve the nation via our efforts for national development. We have to understand that Peace, Unity and Goodwill ( Sadbhavna) towards all is the prerequisite of Development. Peace, Unity and Development are not just the cardinal principles but our basic commitment. We have to ensure that this commitment reflects in our thinking, our articulation and our actions as well ( manasa , vacha, karmana) ! I urge upon all our MPs and others to be at the vanguard of the collective efforts for Peace, Unity and Goodwill!

I also urge upon all of you to consider yourself not just BJP Party workers because as sons of Bharatmata, we shoulder a responsibility which is much more than that. We must remember that as children of Bharat Mata ( Bharat Ma ke Laal) we have to strive hard for the trinity of Peace, Unity and Goodwill, relentlessly. Remember, there are elements that are motivated more by the petty  partisan interests. We work for the larger national interest. This is a kind of tug of war between partisan interest of other political parties and national interest that we are pursuing and we have to win this battle. We are fighting this battle not as BJP workers but as children of the great Bharat Mata. The only objectors behind this struggle of ours is “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas”.It pains my heart when I see that some individuals today are looking at the raising of slogans like Bharat Mata Ki Jai with suspicion and prejudice. This saddens me like every other patriotic Indian.”

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