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Transitioning: A Delicate and Gradual Shift, Not a Sudden Change.

Goa: IEW24: Dr. Ranjit Rath, CMD of Oil India Limited, shared insights during a press briefing at the Oil India Limited pavilion.

Addressing both national and international journalists, Dr. Rath emphasized that the ongoing energy transition is a gradual and intricate process rather than an abrupt switch. Unfolding over the span of two to three decades, this evolution is marked by a nuanced approach, and continues as a viable alternative energy source.
Dr. Rath stressed the complexity of ushering in a sustainable energy future and acknowledged the necessity for a measured and sustained approach to move away from traditional carbon-intensive methods.
As the world moves forward to be environmentally more responsible, the focus remains steadfast on transitioning, highlighting the significance of continuous efforts in adopting cleaner, alternative energy solutions.
This extended transition underscores the intricate nature of reshaping the global energy landscape.

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