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Thousands have lived without love not one without water…WH Auden

It is said that most wars of the future will be water wars. Already the water is posing a serious challenge to the humanity. While many countries in Europe, Africa and Asia face water scarcity, the Australian Continent faces the threat of being submerged. It’s time the world takes notice and more importantly  seriously works for amelioration.

BPCL is one Corporate Citizen which has always been at the forefront of taking challenges head on.
Project Boond of Bharat Petroleum turned 230 villages of India from being water-scarce to water-positive. Through its various initiatives, BPCL saved 2.5 billion liters of water, equivalent to the water requirement of about 50,000 families per year. BPCL firmly believed Water scarcity is reversible if every individual consciously starts monitoring wasteful practices in and around their personal space. On the occasion of World Environment Day, BPCL has created a hard-hitting film that depicts wastage and anxiety in a single frame.

The Film has telling visuals which forces viewers to contemplate. We suggest all our readers should view the film and also become Water Warriors for our nation and the universe. It’s no longer a question of choice but of necessity and life.

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