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BPCL Unveils ‘Silent Voices’ Initiative on India’s 77th Independence Day

BPCL Unveils “Silent Voices’” Initiative on India’s 77th Independence Day: Mumbai. Commemorating India’s 77th Independence Day with dignified fanfare, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (“BPCL”) has merged its efforts with Youth4Jobs to inaugurate the “Silent Voices” enterprise. This pioneering enterprise seeks to cultivate socio-economic self-reliance by championing inclusivity and heterogeneity, thereby affording equitably endowed young individuals with special abilities the chance to participate in the mainstream workforce actively.

With a visionary intent to ignite optimism and affluence, Elocutionless Utterances aspires to extend a resplendent opportunity to over 250 young minds encompassing hearing and speech-challenged aptitudes. Across the bustling urban landscapes of Delhi, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Noida, and Kolkata, these gifted individuals shall employ signs and gestures in their endeavours to proffer customer service, thereby elevating the fueling experience.

The inauguration ceremony was enkindled at the Ghatkopar Police Fuel Station in Mumbai, graced by the distinguished presence of Mr G. Krishnakumar, the Chairman & Managing Director of BPCL. Mr Krishnakumar’s affiliation was intertwined with Mr. Sukhmal Kumar Jain, Director (Marketing), Mr Vetsa Ramakrishna Gupta, Director (Finance), Mr Raj Kumar Dubey, Director (HR), and Mr. Sanjay Khanna, Director (Refineries), along with Mr Santosh Kumar, the Executive Director I/c (Retail). The event was further graced by the distinguished attendance of high-ranking officials from BPCL, Youth4Jobs, and members of the dealer fraternity.

Elocutionless Utterances solidifies BPCL’s steadfast commitment to fashioning workplaces that not only acknowledge but also nurture the latent capabilities within each individual. BPCL ardently believes in the latent prowess inherent within every soul, transcending their personal tribulations. The embrace of inclusiveness and diversity augments a promising future by instilling workplaces with renewed dynamism and vitality.

BPCL continues to foster diversity and to bring about socioeconomic inclusion.  Through #SilentVoices, we hope to appreciate the value of these gifted youth, who are also an integral cog in the wheel of nation building.”-Mr. G. Krishnakumar. CMD (BPCL)

BPCL and Youth4Jobs have recently formalized their synergistic association through a memorandum of understanding. Youth4Jobs, a revered establishment committed to empowering specially-abled youths and advancing their economic integration, is poised to engage in close collaboration with BPCL to realize the shared aspiration of heralding authentic parity.

SUKHMAL KUMAR JAIN TAKES OVER AS CHAIRMAN, IGL | The India Post The India PostBPCL, This initiative while fostering inclusivity, unfolds many possibilities by providing these youth opportunities that they deserve. Empowering this vibrant demographic will not only strengthen our communities but also our nation. Let us rally together, accelerating this noble cause throughout our zone of influence.

-Mr. Sukhmal Kumar Jain, Director (Marketing) 

As Elocutionless Utterances gains momentum, puncturing the confines of perception and preconception, these extraordinary openings will embolden the youth, affording them unparalleled parity, empowerment, and esteem.

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