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SCOPE’s 49th AGM Charts New Course for PSEs

SCOPE's 49th AGM Outlines New Pathways for Excellence in Public Sector Enterprises

Delhi, India – November 24, 2023 – SCOPE’s 49th AGM Charts New Course for PSEs .The Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE), India’s apex body of Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs), held its 49th Annual General Meeting (AGM) today. The meeting was addressed by Shri Sandeep Kumar Gupta, Chairman, SCOPE & CMD, GAIL; Shri Atul Sobti, Director General, SCOPE; and Shri Brajesh Kumar Upadhyay, Vice Chairman, SCOPE and CMD, Goa Shipyard Limited.

A large number of Executive Board Members of SCOPE, CMDs, Directors, and Senior officials of member Public Sector Enterprises were also present at the meeting.

scope cmdSpeaking to NewsIP, SCOPE through its good work and contribution from member organizations has created a name for itself world over and is representing at various national and international platforms constructively. Notable work is being done in the field of capacity building at member organizations, climate change & sustainability, policy advocacy and showcasing nation-building initiatives of member organizations-Mr. Sandeep Gupta, Chairman SCOPE and CMD Gail to 

The AGM underscored SCOPE’s pivotal role as the apex body of PSEs in shaping the future of public sector enterprises in India. The meeting also showcased a range of initiatives undertaken by SCOPE to achieve its vision of fostering excellence in PSEs. These initiatives include:

  • Establishment of SCOPE’s Social Interaction Facility: This facility aims to facilitate social interactions among PSEs, enabling them to collaborate and share best practices.

  • Global Collaborative Efforts for Policy Advocacy: SCOPE has been actively engaging in global collaborations to advocate for policies that support the growth and development of PSEs across the world.

  • Employer Representation on National and International Forums: SCOPE is actively representing the interests of PSEs on various national and international forums, ensuring that their voices are heard in shaping industry policies.

  • Skill Development and Leadership Training Programs: SCOPE has been conducting a series of programs and workshops to enhance the skills of PSE employees and develop their leadership capabilities.

  • Initiatives in Climate Action, Digital Transformation, and Financial Management: SCOPE has been promoting sustainable practices and supporting PSEs in adopting digital technologies and strengthening their financial management strategies.

  • Women Empowerment and Health & Wellness Initiatives: SCOPE is committed to empowering women in the PSE sector and promoting health and wellness initiatives among PSE employees.

The AGM also presented SCOPE’s vision plan, which outlines the organization’s strategic direction for the future. The plan focuses on expanding SCOPE’s global reach, exploring new avenues of collaboration, and promoting innovation among PSEs.

About the SCOPE

  • SCOPE is an apex body of Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) in India.
  • SCOPE’s vision is to be a world-class organization that promotes excellence in public sector enterprises.
  • SCOPE’s mission is to provide leadership and support to PSEs in India, helping them to achieve their full potential. More on NewsIP
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