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Sanjeevan Hospital Launches Diabetes Self-Management Clinic

Sanajeevan Hospital has launched a Diabetes Self-Management Clinic aimed at empowering patients to take control of their own health. During the launch event, Dr. Prem Aggarwal, president of the National Medical Forum and Medical Director of Sanjeevan Hospital, emphasized the pivotal role of patients in managing their diabetes, with healthcare professionals providing support and facilitation.

Dr. Onkar Mittal, the clinic’s diabetologist, stressed the importance of patient education in understanding diabetes and its management. Patients need to be informed about the disease process, the significance of diet control, weight reduction, and regular exercise in managing high blood sugar levels. Regular self-monitoring through HbA1C tests and fasting blood sugar levels is crucial to gauge the effectiveness of their management strategies. Preventing complications that affect the heart, kidneys, and vision is also a key focus.

The clinic, open on weekdays from 4-6 pm, offers a structured approach to diabetes management. This includes lifestyle programs to promote long-term weight loss, medical nutrition therapy to improve cholesterol levels, and physical activity recommendations to enhance glycemic control. Blood pressure management, lipid monitoring, and guidelines for tobacco cessation and antiplatelet agent use are also integral parts of the program.

The launch event highlighted the necessity for similar initiatives across the city, both in private and government sectors. Nearly 100 journalists and medical practitioners attended the seminar, with around 50 individuals benefiting from free medical checkups.

This initiative marks a significant step in promoting patient-centric diabetes care, emphasizing the role of education and proactive self-management in combating this chronic disease.

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