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Power Transmission Projects Handed Over to Winning Bidders

Gurugram, May 30, 2024: In a significant development, REC Power Development and Consultancy Limited (RECPDCL) has handed over two power transmission projects to Power Grid Corporation of India Limited and Techno Electric & Engineering Company Limited, the successful bidders.

The projects, Khavda IV-E2 Power Transmission Limited and NERES XVI Power Transmission Limited, will enhance transmission infrastructure for renewable energy zones in Gujarat and the North Eastern Region, respectively.

RECPDCL, a subsidiary of REC Limited, ensured a transparent and competitive bidding process, selecting the winning bidders through a Tariff-based Competitive Bidding (TBCB) process.

Financial Conclusion:

Pro: The handover is expected to generate significant revenue, create employment opportunities, and boost the growth of the power transmission sector.

Cons : Implementation challenges and potential delays may impact the financial performance of the companies involved, affecting revenue generation and employment opportunities.

The financial conclusion is based on the assumption that the projects will be successfully implemented and will generate revenue as expected. However, there may be challenges and risks associated with the projects that could impact the financial performance.

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