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57th year of Indane LPG serving people of India

New Delhi: IndaneLPG marks its 57th year of operation this year today. IndianOil celebrates Indane day on 22d October every year to raise awareness around LPG and increase the visibility of the benefits of this exceptional green energy.

To mark the occasion, Mr Shrikant Madhav Vaidya, Chairman IndianOil conveyed his best wishes to all Indane Customers and said “We have completed 57year and India has completed 75 years which is phenomenal. We play an integral part in the progress of the country. I am an indane composite customer. Delhi has PNG in many parts but PNG cannot reach where Indane cylinders can reach. Indane supplies 27lakh cylinders daily which shows IndianOil’s spread and reach. This is our biggest strength.”

Mr. V Satish kumar, Director (Marketing) said, “It is an extraordinary achievement to deliver more than 27 lakh cylinders every day and count a customer base of 14.6 crore active customers. 57 years ago, people looked at LPG with fear and suspicion and todayevery second LPG Cylinder sold in the country is of Indane.”

Launched on 22nd October 1965 in Kolkata, this “fuel of the masses” had a modest beginning. Through the usage of LPG,millions sought to abandon the smoky, unhealthy chullah and sigdi for the smoke-free, safe, reliable, clean, and convenient gas.

The history of LPG in India can be traced to its marketing operations that commenced in 1955 at Mumbai, under the Burmah Shell Oil Company. It was a small, exclusive business then with distribution restricted to a handful of upmarket homes. It wasn’t till IndianOil took charge that LPG became a flourishing and recognisable industry.

Today with more than 95 % penetration of LPG, this green fuel powered by high thermal efficiency and emitting no contaminants, is safe, available in abundance. As of date more than 89% of LPG is being consumed by the domestic sector comprising of 31.2 crore active consumers. Of these, 14.6 crore customers are serviced by Indane.

Under the umbrella of Indane a bouquet of differential product range of LPG starting from 2 kg ‘Munna’ to 450 kg ‘Jumbo’ cylinder including special category products like Composite cylinder, XTRATEJ and Nano cut LPG variants are being offered.

Serving this gigantic market is a dedicated network of more than 12,800 Indane distributors delivering LPG product in seven different packages – 14.2 kg for domestic consumers, 5 kg for small domestic segment, the 10 kg for the new age modern kitchens, the handy compact sizes of 2kg Munna, 5 kg Chhotu and variants of 19 kg, 47.5 kg, for commercial customers and the Jumbo cylinders of 425 kg for industrial and large commercial clients.

Besides domestic usage, Indane is also used as an efficient source of energy in various industrial and commercial applications such as metal cutting, kilns and furnaces, glass, textiles and automobiles, poultry, drying applications such as drying of tea leaves and roasting of nuts, in eco-friendly generators, radiant heating purposes etc.

Indane distributor’s network has won accolades from customers and state authorities for their dedicated services during the pandemic, and even during the recent floods in Assam and Silchar, the delivery backlog had gone only up to 1.3 days. Indane also has a distinction of operating LPG bottling plant at one of the world’s highest locationsLeh, situated 3500 metres above sea level.

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