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PM will launch E-20 Fuel 84 RO on 6 Feb.2023 in 13 States of India.

Ethanol Blending Program - Fuelling Aatmanirbhar Bharat (E20 Fuel launch & Green Mobility Rally flag off)

New Delhi: Prime minister of India will be launching E-20 Fuel in 84 Retail outlets in the 13 states of India, it will be a part of the roadmap E-20, Phased rollout of E-20 is planned to commence from April 2023. The government has taken multipronged interventions since 2014 for the Biofuels program and landmark reforms have been observed with these interventions.

India achieved 10% Ethanol blending under the program in June’22, much ahead of the targeted timelines of November 2022. Considering the encouraging performance, due to various interventions made by the Government since 2014, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi launched a roadmap for Ethanol blending in India in June’2021 and advanced the target of 20% Ethanol blending from 2030 to 2025.

The achievements in the course of the last 8 years under Ethanol Blending

Program & Biofuels Program has not only augmented India’s energy security but

also translated into –

  • Payment of Rs 81,796 crore toward Ethanol Supplies
  • Foreign Exchange Savings of Rs 53,894 crore
  • Transfer of Rs 49,078 crore to Farmers
  • Reduction of 318 Lakh Metric Tonnes of CO2 emissions
  • Ethanol blending increased from 1.53% in 2014 to over 10% in 2022

Along with the launch of E20, the Green Mobility Rally shall be part of the IEW-23 to create public awareness for the green fuels in the country such as E20, flex fuels, hydrogen fuels, CNG, etc. In the rally route, there will be a display of creatives showing benefits accrued in foreign exchange, income to farmers, and GHG emission reductions.  The Green Mobility Rally will have various types of 2W, 3W & 4W vehicles such as E20, E85, CNG, and Hydrogen vehicles.

The following is the breakup of the types of vehicles participating in the rally –

Type of Vehicles 2 Wheeler 3 Wheeler 4 Wheeler Grand Total
CNG 0 0 5 5
E20 13 1 7 21
E85 1 1 0 2
Electrical 5 5 6 16
Hydrogen 0 0 1 1
Petrol 2 0 8 10
PETROL & CNG 0 0 1 1
Petrol/Hybrid 0 0 1 1
Grand Total 21 7 29 57

The route of the rally will be BIEC to NICE road around 23 KM & back (46 km total). The rally will end with concluding events near BIEC. In the run-up to the concluding event, there will be Cultural activities, Band performances for the audience, etc. Upon completion of the rally, in the event conclusion, MoS would felicitate celebrities and owners/drivers participants of the vehicles, in Green Mobility Rally.

The event will also witness college students’ participation, which will make them aware of the E20 / Green fuels.

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