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NHPC will move forward with Nepal to expedite three projects-R.K. Vishnoi

New Delhi: A delegation of Hon’ble Members of Parliament from Nepal met NHPC officials at New Delhi Office, NHPC side Shri R.K. Vishnoi, CMD, Mr. Rajat Gupta, ED (Strategy & Business Development) welcomed the delegation, in conversation with  Mr R.K. Vishnoi told that it is true that a delegation from Nepal has met at the Delhi office, the delegation wants that the work of their ongoing hydro project in Nepal should be expedited and all their projects should be completed as soon as possible.

The entire team of NHPC has assured them that we will try our best to ensure that the ongoing hydro project in Nepal is completed quickly, for this whatever decisions will be taken at the level of the Government of Nepal and the Government of India will be implemented, at present NHPC has decided to move forward on three projects, we will take time from the Prime Minister of Nepal in the next fifteen to twenty days to speed up the project.

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