Kuldeep Singh has taken the helm as CMD of the illustrious HIL (India) Limited.

The grand city of New Delhi has witnessed a momentous occasion as the esteemed Kuldeep Singh has taken the reins as the new Chairman & Managing Director (CMD) of HIL (India) Limited, effective from the 7th of August. This distinguished gentleman has previously served as the Senior General Manager of the National Seeds Corporation (NSC), where he has left an indelible mark of excellence.

The Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers has bestowed upon Singh the honour of this appointment for a period of five years or until the date of his superannuation or until further orders, whichever comes first. This appointment has been made in lieu of the esteemed Susanta Kumar Purohit, Joint Secretary of the Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals (DCPC), who was entrusted with the additional charge of CMD of HIL (India) Ltd. Singh is a man of great learning, having graduated in Commerce (B. Com, M.A.) and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Management (PGDIM) from the prestigious Delhi School of Economics, Delhi. His illustrious career spans over 28 years in the Agriculture (Seed) sector, where he has held various portfolios and departments such as Head of Marketing Department in SFCI from 1001-14, and Head of Production in NSC from 2014-21.

His expertise and experience are unparalleled, and his appointment is a testament to his exceptional abilities. The world of luxury and opulence welcomes Kuldeep Singh with open arms, and we look forward to witnessing his visionary leadership and unparalleled excellence in his new role as CMD of HIL (India) Limited.

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