Is PESB turning into a house of controversies ?

New Delhi: 28, Jan,2024: The recommended appointment of the Director of Human Resource Development, D(HR), at Engineering India Limited, as recommended by PESB, is reportedly facing delays in clearance from the Central Vigilance Commissioner, according to sources. NewsIP has always brought to its readers not mere news but also analysed it for complete understanding.sec_dopt

This isn’t the first instance that PESB has had such an occurrence and it might not be the last.PESB’s recommendations have to stand the scrutiny of the CVC. The procedure of post priori checkups is in itself a questionable process.

Can process of appointments in PSUs be shifted from PESB to UPSC ?

But who is to question a powerful organization as CVC. However, there is always a chance of a potential setback and repercussions on the organization per se, this time it’s EIL. There are many discussions within the company and speculations are rife. Many state that in case of a prolonged delay, an interim solution will be considered.

NewsIP’s Top label Sources reveal that Mr Rajiv Gupta, currently serving as Director of Project at EIL, could take on the additional charge of Director HR to ensure continuity during this unexpected twist in the appointment process.

Needless to mention such speculations and make-shift arrangements impact the general motivation and morale of the employees. It’s all the more important that appointment to the position of DHR which also represents the interests of employees should be at the centre of some controversies.

Pray why PESB cannot do its homework properly. Time and time again PESB gets mired in controversies. We at NewsIP are dedicated to exposing corruption at high places, especially when it involves public money. We believe that recruitment in high positions is often the source of corruption.

We at NewIP promise to bring news and analysis to the esteemed readers we hold in the highest esteem.

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