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IndianOil Ex Employee’s Death – Suicide or Accident ?

New Delhi: In what appears to be a shocking case an ex IndianOil Officer, Mr. Anand Mohan Mathur died recently and there is some controversy regarding the entire incident. In what appears to be an unsigned document being circulated, purporting to be a suicide note, some allegations are reportedly made against the Chairman of IOCL and the बड़े बाबू  MoP&NG. The actual position and developments are still unclear.
After several attempts, IOCL and the Ministry NewsIP could be contacted. While the Government Sources said the matter was pertaining to IndianOil and the company could better answer, IndianOil’s Senior Executive put forth their side of the matter. It was explained that the deceased had been explained several times about Post Retirement Medical Benefits however he failed to understand. Further, as told by the son of the deceased, the death was caused by a fall. In fact, due to the fall, there were possibly issues of organ transplant also, as the deceased had pledged the body.
Whatever be the actual issue regarding the death of Mr. Mohan it is for the agencies to investigate and arrive at conclusions but NewsIP in the recent past has shared with its esteemed readers, how the Energy Sector Employees especially in the Oil and Gas seem to be under some pressure which is telling on their mental health. Oil & Gas business is very competitive and employees are required to be highly skilled technically and have adequate management skills as well. Most of us know that working in a highly surcharged place can have a serious impact on physical, mental and emotional health. Such is the mental pressure that many companies have been forced to have Counselling Centres in numerous offices.

Today professional achievements are often closely related to personal feel-good factors. Employees can have low morale due to several reasons prominently being lowering of status amongst family and peers due to lack of what is thought as lack of career development. Often when the higher positions, especially Board Level ones get blocked by incumbents who occupy it for far too long, sometimes when they are not moved despite having passed the age of superannuation it creates fissures down the line. It’s also true that in contrast some Directors are not given extensions despite having time left for superannuation and allowed to work at lower rank such as Executive Directors it sends down a wrong message. Many employees then seem to feel that the level of playing for career advancement is gradually dwindling. This leads to great pressure on employees directly affected and also has a rippling effect on others. In the corporate world, rewards need to be commensurate with efforts put in or at least seen to be so.

There have been a number of cases of suicide amongst employees in the Oil & Gas Sector which been a subject of debate in the social media as well. But this time round the evil tentacles of alleged suicide/accidental death seems to have gripped a retired employee which is unfortunate.

It’s learnt that Late Mr. Mohan used to help other retired employees as well as widows and dependents in getting their dues from IOCL. Of late, it appears that he was facing difficulties in his endeavours. Though these could not be confirmed by NewsIP.

From what is doing the rounds of the Corporate Circles in India somewhere there has to be an institutionalised process in handling matters which impact the mental and emotional aspects of employees. After all, they also may have expectations just as an employer has from its employees. Walking the talk is important for both.

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