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SJVN Corporate Head Quarters “SHAKTI SADAN” Becomes First Building

SHIMLA: Geeta Kapur, Director(Personnel) SJVN received Four Star Certification from Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment “GRIHA” Council for  Corporate Head Quarters of SJVN” Shakti Sadan, Shimla during a ceremony held at New Delhi. The ceremony was Chaired by Ms. Leena Nandan, Secretary (Environment), Government of India.

Geeta Kapur further apprised that Shakti Sadan has been designed with Green Building Concept. With built up area of 15200 square meters to accommodate more than 500 employees, the building and has many unique features which includes 100 KW Solar Energy System & 40 KW Solar Water Heating System for energy needs. A Sewerage Treatment Plant with capacity to recycle 90,000 liters of wastewater has also been installed in the building. The Office Complex also has composting machine for Solid Organic Waste Management with a capacity of 250 kg per day, and Rain Water Harvesting System for water conservation, which can store 50,000 liters of rain water.

Kapur further said that it is moment of pride for every SJVNite as Shakti Sadan is First Building in the State of Himachal Pradesh to get this rating. Moreover this year Shakti Sadan is only CPSU Building to achieve this rating by GRIHA.

GRIHA Ratings attempts to quantify aspects such as energy consumption, waste generation, renewable energy adoption, etc. so as to manage, control and reduce the same to the best possible extent.GRIHA attempts to minimize a building’s resource consumption, waste generation, and overall ecological impact to within certain nationally acceptable benchmarks.

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