Hardeep Puri Spotlights Innovations at IEW24 Goa Event

Goa: During the IEW24 Goa event, Mr. Hardeep Puri addressed the media, highlighting the expansive exhibition space of 80,500 square meters.
He emphasized the diverse exhibits from both Indian and modern contributors, showcasing innovations like the first green hydrogen fuel cell bus unveiled at the National Stadium in Delhi.
Mr. Puri also mentioned the BPCL electrolyzer, a domestically manufactured alkaline electrolyzer, drawing considerable attention for its 30% cost reduction compared to equivalents. Noteworthy was an Indian demonstration and a domestically manufactured live display.
The integrated sea survival center in Goa stood out as an international standard facility of particular interest were tamper-proof seals on cylinders, featuring QR codes for tracking from production to consumption. Mr. Puri expressed admiration for Qatar’s long-term energy deal and the collaboration in transit fuel for medium and heavy commercial vehicles.
He acknowledged India’s role as a major contributor to demand growth in the oil market. Notably, Mr. Puri commended Goa shift to kerosene-free status and highlighted sustainable aviation fuels made from cooking oils.

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