“GAIL Gas CEO Talks Green Initiatives at IEW 2024”

Goa: In an exclusive interview with NewsIP, Goutom Chakraborty, the CEO of GAIL Gas Limited, shared insights on the company’s participation in IEW 2024 held in Goa. Chakraborty shed light on GAIL Gas’s pivotal role in fostering a greener future through cutting-edge technologies in the CGD sector. The CEO’s remarks provide a glimpse into the company’s commitment to environmental initiatives, including the adoption of smart meters, PNG-specified stoves, and advancements like fuel cell technology.

GAIL secures 60% back-to-back of total volume.

The stall, adorned in green, symbolizes the company’s dedication to environmental initiatives. Cutting-edge technologies like smart meters, PNG stoves, and fuel cell tech were spotlighted, aligning with the government’s vision to expand natural gas use.
The company’s expansion into LCNG and CBG reinforces this commitment. Initiatives like rooftop solar, Tri-Generation, EV charging, and hydrogen blending further emphasize environmental responsibility.
GAIL Gas digitally displayed its infrastructure across 16 geographical areas, impressing visitors with the diversity of its operations.
Joint ventures in 9 GAs with OMCs, State PSUs, and Municipal Corporations showcased collaborative growth.
The nationwide PNG drive and marketing initiatives were unveiled, highlighting the company’s strategic approach. The CEO, Goutom Chakraborty, expressed IEW’s significance in providing insights into the energy sector and guiding future growth.

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