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E.I.L. a small but significant PSU its rise and imminent fall

E.I.L Company was incorporated in 1965 as a Private Limited Company pursuant to a MOA between Govt. Of India and Bechtel International Corporation in 1964. Later the company took the form of an independent consulting organisation and today that company is completely a PSU of the Government of India.

Is it waiting for its natural death? The story of a company providing solutions to hydrocarbon, fertilisers and other sectors, whose library is full of designs from all over the world? After all, what are the forces that are pushing this company towards its end ? Earlier also during the era of former Union Minister Shri Ram Naik, the auction of this company was tried but could not be completed? Why this company was made very serious allegations by a leader of Maharashtra in the distribution of work?

The company giving consultancy in the country and abroad, can this company not do anything except waiting for its death ? or is the will power to do something is getting exhausted?

Does the Board or Chairman have no role to play ? Everyone knows setting up companies is not easy but letting them die is. Why is no one concerned ? Is everyone busy in making their own post apocalypse nests ? Keep checking our in depth, exclusive more upcoming reports just and only on

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