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Chasing the Indian Pension Mirage

New Delhi: 13 Jan-2024: It’s ironic that the Senior Citizens of India, who have sacrificed their youth in the service of this great nation and its industries are today a broken and pathetic lot, forced to run from pillar to post with begging bowls in their hands.
Is this how the nation wishes to repay them for their selfless service? What example is being set for the youth of India who are witness to this cruel joke of solemn promises made and blatantly broken by authorities and those in power. If today, the Indian youth does not respond enthusiastically to any of the Governmental promises and initiatives then who is to be blamed? Certainly not the youth.

The worst is that despite the Supreme Court having ruled for an increased Pension in favour of the Pensioners under the Family Pension Scheme of EPF & Misc. Provisions the Pensioners are having to face one barrier after another. The Labour & Finance Ministry who essentially resisted but ultimately lost in the Supreme Court now have adopted a laissez-faire attitude. Certainly very sore losers with no sportsman spirit at all.

NewsIP had in this instance also predicted the fate of the incumbents in a feature whose link is attached. The esteemed readers can recapitulate how their favourite NewsIP had been right in its predictions on so many occasions.

EPFO Pensioner or Sisyphus ?

The biggest puzzle in the Pension issue is how the PF Authorities are blatantly being allowed to defy the clear-cut orders of the Supreme Court. The rule of law seems not to apply in this instance at all. Does it really auger well for India?

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