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Announcement for an interview director personnal of nhpc to 28 of this month by PESB

New Delhi: The noise of Hydro is a peak on the global scenario, When hydrogen is gaining momentum all over the world, then why should the hydro sector enterprises in India remain untouched by it, In a country like India there are many companies in the business of Hydro Power private as well as Government PSUs.National Hydroelectric Power Corporation is one of the mini Ratna PSUs of the Government of India. 

Recently PESB called up an interview for the post of Director Personnel on 28/02/2023, This vacancy was advertised on the year back in 2021, Circular of interviews has been circulated to all candidates found eligible for this post.

Our sources revealed 12 candidates have been shortlisted for this post and a letter of the interview has been sent to all of them. The details of the candidature are as under.

1- Vivek Ranjan Srivastava (ED NHPC LTD), (2) Vijay Kumar Sinha (ED NHPC LTD), (3) Deepak Sehgal (ED NHPC LTD ),(4)Uday Shankar Shahi (ED NHPC LTD),5 R Thremuni Nathan (GM NHPC LTD),(6)Madhusmita Pane (G M NHPC LTD), (7)Uttam Lal (GM NTPC LTD),(8)C Kumar (GM NTPC LTD),(9)Saurabh Tyagi (PGM BSNL),(10)Dr. Corporation Limited).

PESB had called up an interview for the post-CMD NHPC but a  day before the interview date it had been canceled. CMD THDC is acting as an additional charge of CMD NHPC.

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