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UPAY NGO celebrates 12 years of shaping lives of the Underprivileged children

Nagpur : UPAY has launched a Fellowship program at the PAN India level for the development of community leaders. We have partnered with elite academic institutions like NTPC School of Bussiness, IIT Kharagpur, North-East Hill University, Meghalaya, etc. Through this one-year fellowship program, we aim to reach more than 500 students in 1 academic year.

Our sincere efforts to transform streets into school has led us to open a Day-Boarding center for street children in Nagpur. This experiential learning center will provide basic education as well as skill training to the children who have never been to school.

UPAY is a registered NGO with a vision to overcome disparities in the field of education so that every child gets an opportunity to learn, grow and succeed. Our primary beneficiaries are the street children, juvenile beggars, child laborers who were rescued; children from urban slums and villages who do not get enough opportunity, resources, and guidance to take up studies. The majority of our children do not get to see what a school looks like while the other half end up dropping out of school and engage themselves in begging, in odd jobs such as selling articles on traffic signals, washing plates at restaurants, or as home servants and such. To overcome these problems, we believe education is the only tool to break the shackles of poverty, and hence we came up with the solution that we named “UPAY”.

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